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Internet Safety (For Parents)

The internet provides children and young people with a wealth of opportunities for their entertainment, communication and education. But there are also risks of harm through the deliberate behaviour of others online, and through exposure to inappropriate content.

As children grow up in an increasingly digital world, they need to be aware of the risks they face online. Everyone can play a part in keeping children safe and the internet industries have a particular responsibility to create tools and information to help.


Children learn about internet safety in school, as it is taught as part of the National Curriculum, and the the Safer Internet Day thats is widely promoted in February each year. In addition, the Government has pressed for progress through the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).


There are a number of websites where guidance on keeping children safe online can be found. The 'Think U Know' website can be found under 'Useful Links'

What are the issues? - UK Safer Internet Centre

Hot topics - Childnet International

Parent factsheet - Childnet International



Starlett/Scarlett Bookings

We have been made aware by West Midlands Police that students at a number of Secondary schools in the Staffordshire area have been contacted by a bogus modelling agency called “Starlett or Scarlett Bookings Agency”. Initially they request photos of the child in their favourite outfit, then a bikini shot and finally they ask for a naked photo so that they can analyse their body type coupled with threats if they are not forthcoming.


If your child actively uses social media then be vigilant to this and please delete, block and report any such contact. A range of advice on how to keep you child safe when using the internet can be found by using the links to the right of this page.


Please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any questions.

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The Hollie Guard App







This is a free app for smartphones that has been designed to protect both men and women from possible danger.


Please click on the following link to find more information:


Holly Guard Consent Booklet


Holly Guard User Guide


Hollie Guard turns your smartphone into a personal safety device.


If in danger simply shake your phone to generate an alert, your location, audio and video evidence of the incident will automatically be sent to your emergency contact via text and email. Shake it again and it sends out a high pitched alarm and the flash starts to strobe, in order to attract maximum attention.


Hollie Guard was developed by Panic Guard Ltd for the Hollie Gazzard Trust and is named after Hollie.  The Hollie Gazzard Trust was set up after the murder of Hollie Gazzard at her salon in Gloucester in 2014 by her then boyfriend - Asher Maslin, who had actively stalked Hollie during an abusive relationship. 


To register for an account or download a free user guide please visit


Download the app via Google Play and the Apple Appstore.


For more information about the Hollie Gazzard Trust please visit the website


For further personal safety advice:


Suzy Lamplugh Trust – National Stalking Helpline: 0808 802 0300

Useful Links

Resources for Parents/Carers

Guide for ages 11 to 13
Age 11 to 13
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Age 14 onwards
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