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Senior Leadership Team

Safeguarding & SEN

Headteacher, Mr R Adams

Deputy Headteacher, Mr K Delaney

Assistant Headteacher/ Head SENCO, Mrs A Rushton

Business Manager, Mrs C Smith

Director of Behaviour, Safety & Partnership, Mr P Manfredi

If you have any queries relating to safeguarding or SEN please contact Mr Adams Headteacher or Mrs Rushton Assistant Headteacher/ SENCO.

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr P Manfredi

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Senior Family Support Worker, Mrs A Bradbury

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr R Adams



Maths Head of Faculty, Mr M Taylor

Teacher of Maths, Mr A Regnauld

Teacher of Maths, Miss K Burns

Teacher of Maths & PE, Mr D Chadwick

Teacher of Maths, Mrs L Conte

Teacher of IT, Mrs J McCracken

Maths Tutor - Miss G Callaghan

English & Modern Foreign Languages

English Head of Faculty, Mrs F Gurmin

Teacher of English, Mrs H Adey

Teacher of English, Mrs L Cass

Teacher of English, Mrs Z Millinchip

Teacher of English/French, Ms R Sawyer

Teacher of French, Mr P Collins

English Tutor - Miss Z McCullagh-George

Humanities & Social Science

Humanities Head of Faculty, Mr G Mainwaring

Teacher of History, Mr G Mainwaring

Teacher of Philosophy & Ethics, Mrs K Sims

Teacher of Health and Social Care, Mrs P Albery

Teacher of Geography, Mr D Harrison

Teacher of Geography, Mr M Cartwright

Science & PE

Science Head of Faculty, Mr J Freeman

Teacher of Science, Mr A Barnes

Teacher of Science, Miss K Munford

Teacher of Science, Mr C Sherratt

Teacher of PE, Mrs J Thorley

Teacher of Maths & PE, Mr D Chadwick

Teaching Assistants

TA - Mrs T Follows

TA - Mrs J Shapiro

TA - Miss J Shirley

TA - Mrs EJ Clay

TA - Mr G Lee Thomas

TA - Mrs M Morgani

Behaviour & Attendance Team

Behaviour Support Manager, Mr S Nicholls

Behaviour and Attendance - Mrs J Bryant

Student Support Officer, Mrs L Murdoch

Site Team

Baseline/Community & Leisure Manager

   and Site Co-ordinator - Mr M Rock

Assistant Site Co-ordinator - Mr P Cantrill

Janitor - Ms N Trigg

Janitor, Mr N Clayton

Teaching Staff

Creative Design Head of Faculty, Mrs E Mandley

Teacher of Art, Mrs S Nesirky

Teacher of DT, Mr G Tomblin

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Admin Team

Reception - Mrs D Jones

Clerical Assistant - Miss J Holmes

Clerk to Governors - Mrs B Powell

Office Manager - Mrs S Marshall

Finance Officer - Mrs J Whitehouse

Exam, Data and Cover Coordinator - Mrs T Mackay


Senior Network Technician - Mr P Cantrill

IT Technician - Mrs J McCracken

Science Technician - Mrs S Dhillon

DT/ Art Technician - Mr P Johnson


Creative Design

Maths & Computing

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