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Uniform & Equipment

School Uniform Policy

We want our students to dress smartly and be a good advertisement for the school and themselves and we value the co-operation we get from parents/carers in ensuring this.  We believe a school uniform plays an important part in supporting positive behaviour and discipline, developing the ethos of the school and supporting teaching and learning.


We have ensured that the school uniform is affordable, provides the best value and is sustainably sourced.


Implementation of the Policy

The Governing Body has delegated responsibility for implementing and maintaining this policy, to the Headteacher.

  • All staff will report students who do not comply with this policy.

  • Sanctions will be imposed upon students for non-compliance with school uniform.

  • Parents will be contacted in instances of students abusing this policy.

  • Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the schools complaints procedure.

  • Reports detailing all instances of non-compliance will be submitted to the Governing Body. 

Uniform Supplier

Crested School Wear

35-36 Gaolgate Street


ST16 2NT

Telephone 01785 748481

Daily Uniform

  • Blazer – black with SMHS logo

  • Trousers – black matt material, front fastening with zip, side seams and full length leg under no circumstances will leggings or jeans be allowed

  • Shorts – black tailored shorts will be added to the school uniform during warmer weather. The school will advise all parents and students when the weather is warm enough for shorts to be worn. This is a change as a result of student and parent feedback but will only come into effect, when the school states these are allowed. Text messages and emails will be sent home to notify parents.

  • Skirt – black must be knee length

  • Shirt – white with collar must be fastened to neck and tucked in

  • Footwear – sensible all black footwear with no coloured logos, markings or laces

  • Socks/tights

  • Tie – SMHS tie

  • Jumper - A plain black V-neck jumper may be worn under the blazer but must not come below the length of the blazer and cannot be worn as an alternative to the blazer. Hoodies cannot be worn as an alternative to a V-neck jumper.


  • No hair styles considered unsuitable by the Headteacher may be worn at school.

  • Fashion haircuts such as steps, lines and shaved styles are not allowed.

  • Under no circumstances must a student dye, colour, streak or highlight their hair with an unnatural colour.


Make Up

  • Discreet/natural make up may be worn.



  • No jewellery should be worn except for a wrist watch and one set of small stud earrings, no other visible piercings are allowed.

  • Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that all items of jewellery are removed for PE/games lessons and for any loss or personal injury which may result through accident.

  • Nail jewellery, nail art and false nails are not acceptable, only discreet coloured nail varnish may be worn.


Outdoor Clothing

  • Parents/carers are asked to ensure that appropriate warm/waterproof clothing is made available to wear over the school uniform in inclement weather.

  • All outerwear should be removed once students enter the school building.

  • Baseball caps are not allowed in school.



Compulsory items for PE:

Polo Top – black with red sports top with SMHS logo

Indoor Shorts – plain black

Outdoor tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings – plain black

Suitable sports trainers - with a non-marking sole

Further optional items for PE include:

PE Hoodie - these are available through Crested Scoolwear and particularly useful through winter.

Football boots and socks - not essential, but these may be useful for football and rugby.

Gum Shield - not essential, but available for £1 from the PE office if children enjoy rugby.

  • Please note that students must bring PE kit to every PE lesson, even if they are not participating through illness or injury. 

  • Students who cannot take part in practical activities are expected to be in kit and help with umpiring, refereeing or recording.

  • Students who forget their kit will be given a clean washed kit to wear.

  • Parents/carers will be contacted if a student regularly arrives without kit.


  • we recommend that all personal belongings and items of clothing are clearly marked with the student’s name.

  • we may recommend suitable protective clothing be worn in practical departments.

  • we recognises the obligation, under the Human Rights Act 1998, to protect the rights of individuals to display their religion or beliefs.

Equipment: 'Super 7'

It is expected that students attend school "ready to learn".  This means being equipped with the 'Super 7' every day.

1. Pen (blue or black)

2. Pencil

3. Ruler

4. Eraser

5. Bag

6. Homework books

7. Reading book

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