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Primary Transition

We are involved in a range of activities and events which are organised by our Transition Coordinator, Mrs Mandley, whose role it is to liaise with Primary Head Teachers and classroom staff .


In year 5 and 6 there are taster lessons in various subjects, supporting the primary curriculum in areas that might need more specialised equipment to deliver the lessons. At present we have links with Sport, Performing Arts, MFL and Science.


Specific events to facilitate the transition process are held throughout the year:

  • Opportunities to share in primary high achievers are offered through our regular HATS days, where our student leadership programme is used effectively.

  • During September/October there is an Open Evening where parents can visit to see for themselves what we have to offer before making a decision about their child's High School.

  •  Students also spend a day in the autumn term following a secondary curriculum with subject staff.

  • We also offer an opportunity for parents/carers to meet key staff, to discuss any concerns and to ask any questions at a Parents Information Evening.

  • In July students spend an Induction Day with us where they meet their new tutor group and do group activities.

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