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Year 9 Choices

Welcome to the Choices process – we start the process with Y9 in February with students taking part in ‘Future Pathways’ fortnight. Their teachers talk about each of the subjects on offer, the skills they provide and the careers it can lead to. Students take home their Y9 school report which helps identify which subjects they are most successful in and finally we invite Parents/Carers in for a Choices evening where the whole process is explained, subject staff are available to talk to and a booklet is provided which contains full details on all subjects alongside the Choices form that needs completing.


Further down this page you will see links which provide details on each of the subjects as well.


We are always impressed with the maturity that Y9 students show in choosing their subjects. It is an important step for them and we hope to encourage all Parents/Carers to talk it through regularly with your child so that they make the right decisions for them and their future.

Core Subjects

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Choice Subjects

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