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Year 7 Admissions 2024

SMHS Admissions:Your questions answered


Admissions - Who's Who at Stafford Manor High School

Who's Who at Stafford Manor High School?

This booklet introduces your child to key staff within Stafford Manor High School who your child is likely to meet on their first day.


Transition Newsletter

The Transition Newsletter gives information about Stafford Manor High School.


Map of the school

This is a useful guide for your child to be able to find their way around Stafford Manor High School on their first day.  There are pictures which have been taken around the school to enable your child to familiarise themselves with the layout.



Admissions link

This link takes you to the admissions page to apply for a place at Stafford Manor High School

How do I read my timetable?

This guide on "how do I read my timetable" is useful to get your child familiar with how their day/week will look.


Transition Booklet September 2024

The teachers at Stafford Manor High have put together a pack for you to work through at home.

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