Transition 2020

SMHS Transition: Your questions answered

Due to current circumstances parents will be contacted should timings of the school day change for September 2020.

Letter 1 - Transition letter to parents (May 2020)

This letter gives a brief introduction to Stafford Manor High School from Mr Lycett.  Also included in this letter is a form regarding transition arrangements.  If you have any questions relating to transition, please complete and return this form.


Transition Booklet - September 2020 (May 2020)

The Transition Work Book was sent to schools in May 2020 for Year 6 pupils to complete.  If your child hasn't completed this, why not have a look through with them. If you are able to complete this please bring it into Stafford Manor High School before the end of term, or send it in on the first day in September.


All About Me Booklet (May 2020)

All About Me was sent to pupils in May 2020 for Year 6 pupils to complete. We asked pupils to include a photograph or drawing and tell us a little bit about themselves.  If you haven't completed this, why not have a go.  We really like to hear about your hobbies, pets, what your favourite subjects are and who your friends are.


Letter 2 - Reply for returned All About Me Booklet (15 June 2020)

This letter gives an update of the final plans for Transition for September 2020 and what your child can expect.


Transition - Who's Who (June 2020)

Who's Who at Stafford Manor High School?

This booklet introduces your child to key staff within Stafford Manor High School who your child is likely to meet on their first day.


Transition Newsletter (June 2020)

The Transition Newsletter gives important information about what to expect on your first day at Stafford Manor High School including times of the day, what to bring with you and what is available in the school canteen.


Transition Timetable Guide - How do I read my timetable?

This guidance will help your child to understand their timetable on their first day.


Map of the school

This is a useful guide for your child to be able to find their way around Stafford Manor High School on their first day.  There are pictures which have been taken around the school to enable your child to familiarise themselves with the layout.



Data Collection Sheet

If you haven't completed this, please do so and return to Mrs Marshall, Stafford Manor High School as soon as possible.