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Examination Results

Achieving the best results in a generation with a proven track record of success

"Some remarkable results!" Sir John Rowling (PiXL 2019)


We know that it is outstanding lessons delivered by highly skilled teachers that is leading to our excellent results:

Strong academic performance across all core subjects

Maths and Science continue to perform above national expectations

More students achieving top grades and moving to higher education

More students attending Russell Group Universities

We provide a highly personalised approach and continue on our journey to providing the best education for our students.

We are currently enrolling students for next year so make Stafford Manor High School your first choice to make sure of your place.


The Government's main measure of a school's academic success is using Progress 8.  This is based on the progress, across 8 subjects, from a student's KS2 SATs scores.

The Progress 8 figures are available for all schools (

Provisional Key Stage 4 (end of secondary school) results Summer 2019

Cohort: 47 students


Progress 8 Score: -0.44 (unvalidated data)

Attainment 8: 37.8


Percentage of students who gained a good pass (Grade 4+) in English and maths: 62%


Percentage of students who gained a strong pass (Grade 5+) in English and maths: 40%


Percentage of students entered for the EBacc (English Baccalaureate): 0%

EBacc average point score: 3.17

Student destinations: 100% remained in education, employment or training (2018 leavers)

​Key Stage 5 (16-18) information (2019)

Cohort: 22 students


Qualification                   A Level     Academic     Applied General

Number of students            5               6                     13

Progress                         -0.32          -0.35                -0.78

Average Grade                   C               C                     Pass+

Retention (2019)              83%           83%                 77%


Average Progress in GCSE retake English:  1.5 (2 students)

Average Progress in GCSE retake maths: no retakes required

Destinations: 84% continued in education or training (2015 leavers)

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