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Welcome to

Stafford Manor High School



Inspiring Lifelong Learning

Stafford Manor High School is distinctive, with polite, friendly and thoughtful students and a staff team who are prepared to 'walk the extra mile' to support each and every individual, with an ambition to succeed.

Our approach is highly personalised, focused on developing the knowledge, skills and understanding of every individual.  The ethos of the school places the students at the heart of everything we do and they are at the forefront of every decision we make.

We are incredibly ambitious academically, ensuring our students secure the results they need to go on to pursue further education, employment or training.  We also aim to nurture a love for art, music, dance, theatre and culture, to enrich students lives long in to their future.

Every experience counts, our holistic approach shapes the lives of these young men and women by fostering the British Values of respect and tolerance, preparing them for the dynamic and competitive global workplace.

We are passionate that students live personally and socially fulfilling lives, nurtured by the calm ethos of the school, which is built on high expectations, strong relationships and respect for each other.  This enables individuals to become more resilient and self confident.

Our students are beautiful, polite, smart, ambitious and enthusiastic.  In the words of our staff: "students are kind, honest and courageous.  They approach the world with a profound sense of integrity and responsibility".

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