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Results from parental surveys November 2021

100% of Y7 parents say their child is happy at school

93% of Y10 parents say their child does well at school

Results from parental surveys November 2021

Results from parental surveys November 2021

100% of Y11 parents say their child feels safe at school

Results from parental surveys November 2021

94% of Y9 parents say the school has high expectations

Results from parental surveys November 2021

100% of Y8 parents say their child does well  at school


Welcome to

Stafford Manor High School 


'Every Child Achieving their Full Potential’



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My child makes good progress at this school


My child is taught well at this school


I am delighted and extremely honoured to be the Headteacher of Stafford Manor High School.


I loved school as a child and it was the excellent teachers and school leaders at my local secondary school that enabled me to become more than I thought was possible. They believed in me, championed me, steered me onto the right pathway and went out of their way to make sure I did well.

As Headteacher, my mission is to provide young people with the same excellent opportunities and guidance that I received as a student.

Since joining the school as Headteacher, I have been very impressed with the pride, generosity and respect that school staff, students and governors show one another and how supportive and committed everybody involved with this amazing school is.

Our small, distinctive school is at the very heart of our local community. We aim to ensure that every child reaches their full potential and we base our decisions on ensuring that we provide the very best education possible for all our young people, regardless of their prior achievement and background.

Our staff go the extra mile and our small distinctive nature ensures that we can create a family atmosphere where students are known well by their teachers and where people genuinely care for one another. Relationships between students and staff are very strong and we provide an excellent range of learning opportunities that take place both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our students are passionate, honest, kind, courageous and resilient. Every experience for our students counts and we are highly ambitious for all of them. The school aims to ensure that all students develop the knowledge, social skills and cultural experiences to be successful, respectful and responsible young people who achieve well go on to ambitious destinations and make positive contributions to the local and global community.

The greatest successes come from working together towards a common cause and there is no better cause than ensuring the future success of the next generation.

Mr R Adams


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