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Our Students

Oscars Animation

created by Erin Morrissey and Rebecca Clarvis - Year 8.

Stafford Manor High School Choir

Celebration of Music Event at the Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford

In the Night

created by Abigail Lewis - Year 9.


Before Christmas I entered a poem competition. The site that was running it was called The Seeing Ear. To enter you had to be in-between the ages of 5 and 14. The poem could be no more than 40 lines long and could either be in the category about The 1st World War, or it could be about anything.

The prize was £150 and even if you didn’t win it, you stood a chance of getting your poem published in an anthology, which is what I got.

My poem is called In The Night and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

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Holocaust Memorial Art Exhibition

We are very proud every year to contribute art exhibits to the Holocaust Memorial Art Exhibition at the Collegiate Church of St Mary.  In a letter of thanks for our contributions, the Reverand Richard Grigson said that "the provoking display was a moving tribute to victims of the holocaust throughout the world".  The Mayor of Stafford Borough also wrote to us in recognition of the artwork our students had produced saying "the high quality of art work was a credit to the Year 9 students and their teacher".

JCB Visit

March 2015

Students: Megan Beardmore, Paige Lomax, Robyn Mabberley, Holly Bush, Errin Lambert

JCB were quite surprised when the group of students we took on a factory visit included Y8 and Y9 girls. However, they were absolutely delighted to be able to show that skilled careers in engineering are open and available to everyone. The JCB factory near Uttoxeter is huge and fascinating. We watched as heavy sheets of steel were cut with lasers before being folded and welded to make parts for the world- famous diggers. We also learned that if you want a JCB in any colour apart from yellow, it costs an extra £1500. Headteacher Mrs Slack commented “Our students, as always, were an absolute credit to the school. I hope that the visit has inspired them to consider every possible option when thinking about future careers.”

G Taylor


Solar Eclipse

March 2015

The Science Club enjoyed an amazing experience when the solar eclipse occurred on the 20th March. Using a 2.4m pinhole projector (built by Y7 students in the DT Club) the sun could be safely viewed as the moon slowly moved across. Many students said “Wow, cool!” as they looked in the viewer. Luckily the sky was cloud-free for most of the time. The students noted the drop in temperature and explained what was happening to staff and visitors. A solar eclipse is a rare and special event. None of our students were even born when the last one occurred in Britain and the next one isn’t due until 2026.

G Taylor

Maths Feast Competition

March 2015

Students:  James Townsend, Mary-Kate Cox, Sharanjit Johal , Grace Aitken

The question: “Shade in (A ∪ B’) ∪ (B ∩ C’) on a three-circle Venn Diagram” was just one of the tough challenges faced by our amazing Y10 team at the recent Maths Feast competition in Telford. Sixteen top schools from across the West Midlands entered and we were eleventh when all the scores were added up. Just another three marks (out of sixty) would have placed us seventh. The Stafford Sports College team worked for the morning with a teacher from a Shrewsbury school who described our students as “A lovely group – keen, clever and cheerful too!”

G Taylor

"As part of International Women’s Day 2015, Mary Macleod, MP for Brentford and Isleworth, with the help of other MP’s organised a day in which young women between the ages of 13 and 20 were able to experience the lives of MP’s and learn more about parliament, especially women in parliament.

I woke up at 5:30 and left the house at 6:15 to catch our train to London at 7:05, this was very early for me! We arrived at London Euston by 8:23 and then travelled by tube (London Underground) to get to Westminster, the tube was just as cramped and smelly as everyone had always told me and I nearly fell off!

We finally arrived in Westminster by 9:05 and walked for about 10 minutes to Portcullis House where I would be meeting the rest of the group ready for the first part of the day. Whilst walking we went through a really beautiful garden where there were large statues of famous war officials. Perfect photo opportunity!


In total 73 young women met outside Portcullis House and were split into two groups. Group A (my group!) went for a tour around Number 10 Downing Street whilst Group B went to listen to a talk by Mary Macleod. When we arrived at the gates of number to ten we had to go through 3 different sets of  security! After we had finally made it through the gates we were escorted inside Number 10 where we gave our phones and bags in so no pictures unfortunately!

Number 10 was so much bigger than I expected it to be! The first room we went into was called the Cabinet Room, this is where the Cabinet met every Tuesday to discuss important issues and decisions. Whilst we were in this room I sat in the chair where Winston Churchill declared war on Germany!

We were then led onto a huge staircase where there were pictures of all the previous prime ministers all the way up to Gordon Brown, in total there were between 30 and 40 different prime ministers who’s pictures were hanging there. At the top of the stair case there was a set of different rooms, these were the state rooms. Previous prime ministers had used these for living in although the current prime minister lived at Number 12 Downing Street and used the state rooms for meetings and formal occasions.

After our tour of 10 Downing Street we headed back to Portcullis House to listen to a speech about the theme for International Women’s Day 2015 which is ‘Make It Happen’.


We were then taken to meet the MP’s from our constituencies, the MP for Stafford is Jeremy Lefroy so I met with him and his interns Emily and Diego. This is the first time I realised how fast everybody walks in parliament!

Firstly I was taken to this very posh (and expensive!) restaurant where I had lunch with Jeremy’s daughter Louise, Jeremy, Emily, Diego, The Bishop of Anglican Dioceses in Europe and a foreign minister!

After lunch I met up with my mom again and Diego took us around the House of Commons and the House of Lords whilst Jeremy went for a conference call. Unfortunately my phone was taken off me whilst I was inside the debating chambers so no photos again! It was really amazing to see number 10 and all the debating chambers as I was used to seeing them on TV but they felt so different in real life!

My mom then left again and Diego took me to the speaker’s lounge for afternoon tea and a speech from different, all very inspiring women. The speaker’s lounge was huge and very posh! There was lots of food and drinks to chose from and everybody seemed to really enjoy it!

A lot of MP’s from different constituencies were there and it was really inspiring to talk to them and hear about their passions and previous experiences, for example what they did before they became an MP.


Finally there was a speech, first by Mary Macleod talking about women in parliament and then from Juilanne who is the youngest entrepreneur in Britain to win a large business award! Personally I found Julianne’s speech the most inspiring part of the day and she gave me some really good tips on how to achieve my goals!


Overall I had an amazing day! Everyone was so inspiring and it was a great insight into women in parliament and just what parliament is like in general! Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make sure I was able to go I am so, so grateful!"

International Womens Day

Caitlin Visits Parliament

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